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I might do gmod screencap requests.

Please tell me what you want before donating though.

All of the things you can find in the images in my gallery are things I can use

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Stupid titles don't let me use enough characters...

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United States
Reviewer Stamp by mattwo
GMOD is art. by SupaSoldier(In my opinion)
Brony Stamp by SnowSniffer

I Am A PC Gamer Stamp by TheHellboundAtheist
nintendo gamer stamp by crazysistahs
Sega Stamp by Agony-Whispers
(I liked sega before nintendo, then I liked both,)
Ok I think that's enough stamps for now.




Angels Take Manhattan review title card
I wasn't sure how to work in the Statue of Liberty here without hopelessly defocusing everything else. At the very least, I only made this to give the video a proper thumbnail to begin with and it works well enough in that regard. My Trouble By The Slice review on the other hand works well enough with the "Kamen Rider pizza" as the thumbnail so it doesn't really need a retroactive title card.

Here's the review if you're curious, though the quality is seriously crappy and that's not just because it was one of my first reviews...…

I also had no idea how else to make her that big without the "advanced animation" tool, which ironically left me with no way of properly posing her aside from faceposing using the NPC faceposing addon.
Bin Bin Trashcan Gashat
It's a game where you shoot trash into a trashcan I guess? I got the idea to make this while watching a recorded stream by FlairNightz


Font: LMS Rubbish

The landfill and trash can were both random clipart from google image search,
S6FinaleSpoilers random SpiderMan and Trixie comic

Storywriter: After watching the Season 6 finale, I was randomly inspired to make this comic.

In case you don’t know, November 20, 2010 is the day after Boast Busters aired. I wanted a point between that episode and when she started getting shunned for what happened in Ponyville (even though she did literally nothing wrong and the conflict was perpetrated in part by the Mane Six and in part by Snips and Snails) so one day later seemed about right.

Also that’s Zatanna, Mister Miracle and Dazzler. All heroes who use their powers for performing arts related stuff. Dazzler is a musician but she uses her powers for light effects. I’m not even entirely sure if Mister Miracle uses his superpowers for his escapology or not honestly.

Also by the time I realized I forgot to facepose Trixie in the first panel, it was already too late… It also just occured to me that Spider-Man’s legs were facing the wrong way too…
[MMD] We're buddies now!
Sorry for the delay in the next part of the Ace Wings mini-arc, I have a bad case of "teh procrastinations"

MMD didn't want to export it right for some reason so I had to do a workaround. Also in case you're wondering why I used Meteor Fusion Sates, it's because I didn't have Fourze's base form handy.

Fourze rigged by Zeltrax987
Gatchmon: Gatchmon (Applimon Battle Arena) by Deimos1984rd on DeviantArt
Stage: [MMD DL]opening stage Kamen Rider storm heroes by handashin on DeviantArt

All models belong to Bandai Namco Games.


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PickFairy Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017  Professional General Artist
Thanks for watching me Matt, I really appreciate it! 

*gives complimentary hot cocoa*
AdrenalineRush1996 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2016
Happy birthday.
Zeltrax987 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

YEAH, disregard this.
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Sorry for the hate dude. I just got really pissed off, okay? I'll delete the comments, and we can move on.
LordcodyLadyMikala Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016
Please dont start fights sir, you do know alma has autism. And thats not a good thing to do. I do t want any trouble...i dont want any fights..please dont hurt anyone..please.
mattwo Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have autism too you know. Autism is not an excuse. I once used autism as an excuse and that was the final straw that got me banned from something once.

Autism does not define a person. A person is defined by their actions.

I didn't start a fight, I just want to make sure she's not being manipulated. People like her are easily mislead and I've been having issues with keeping my mouth shut lately. Not an excuse, but I hope that explains what's going on properly.

You seem more reasonable than the other girls Phasmer knows, so tell me, is there any actual proof that he's being sincere?
Well ok im just makeing sure you rely arnt hurting alma. ^^

Well phasmer dose have more acounts on da so he's just calming down to keep his sanity. I mean id probably tryed to kill myself to if i wanted to give up.

But were here for a reason to make our dreams come to life! ^^
mattwo Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I saw patterns and I made assumptions and I let my mouth run. I'm not going to apologize for what I did. Not when it's clear neither Phasmer nor Kucklesmega are going to apologize.

It wouldn't be sincere.
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UltimateAlexandra1 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
......I HATE YOU!!!
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